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IDEA engineering&architecture company Ldt. borns on 2009 by initiative of architects and engineers operating since several years in Italy, wanting to work in a more large context, preserving, in the same time, the Culture of the Project, meaning for this one, the extacting job in order to put the quality of the ideative work on the center of every other process.
This planning requires the idea of project as a working process, at same time, artisan and technologycal, in wich nothing of the ancient knowledge of building is to be lost and every fields of new cultural and technological experimentation are to be cultivated.
The New and the Ancient, looking to the future and joined the History, are the frame in which IDEA company Ldt. decided to operate.
In this approach, that refers to the hard but pleasant job in artisan workshop, made by continuous refinings of the products, we can see the particularity of the italian work.
But IDEA company Ldt. isn't only an architectural planning company; by the many year job of its associates it matured a large experience in the fields of:
a) urban and territorial planning
b) infrastructural projects (aqueducts, sewer systems, roads, public lightings)
c) project of structures (concrete or iron structures)
d) preliminary feasibility studies for large dimension interventions
e) territorial information systems


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